Investigation of Highly Broadb and Supercontinuum Generation in a Suspended As2Se3 Based Ridge Waveguide

صفحه 1-16
Mohammad Reza Alizadeh؛ Mahmood Seifouri


Performance Improvement of Ultrathin CIGS Solar Cells Using Al Plasmonic Nanoparticles: The Effect of the Position of Nanoparticles

صفحه 17-32
Ali Abdolahzadeh Ziabari؛ Sahar Royanian؛ Reza Yousefi؛ Saleh Ghoreishi


Investigating the Effect of Hierarchical Carbon Micro/Nano Spheres on the Surface Wettability: Experimental and Theoretical Study

صفحه 33-48
Khadijeh Hemmati؛ Abolfath Hossein Zadeh؛ Esmaiel Saievar Iranizad


Proposal for Modeling of FWM Efficiency of QD-SOA Based on the Pump/Probe Measurement Technique

صفحه 49-66
farideh hakimian؛ Mohammad Reza Shayesteh؛ Mohammad Reza Moslemi


Electronic and Optical Properties of SnGe and SnC Nanoribbons: A First-Principles Study

صفحه 67-86
samira damizadeh؛ Maryam Nayeri؛ Forough Kalantari Fotooh؛ somayeh fotoohi


Strained Carbon Nanotube (SCNT) Thin Layer Effect on GaAs Solar Cells Efficiency

صفحه 87-110
S.N jafari؛ Abbas Ghadimi؛ s. rouhi


Ab-initio LSDA Study of the Electronic States of Nano Scale Layered LaCoO3/Mn Compound: Hubbard Parameter Optimization

صفحه 111-122
S. Javad Mousavi

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